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Answering the Call and Kim...

Other friends that were much closer to Kim (psyco_chick32) have posted their feelings on her passing, and how they will miss her... After the initial disbelief and sadness I found myself needing something to connect to... and found writing that outlet for catharsis...

The final chapter of Answering the Call is up - Saying Goodbye

I had been putting off working on this last chapter, in some ways because I really didn't know how to write some of the scenes. I haven't ever been at a loss for dialog, but this time I was. I knew I had 2 things to do - transition the team out and have Kat's funeral. I had always had the chapter titled Saying Goodbye because this was the farewell to the team's time together once again, to the rangers autonomy and to Kat. Never in my deepest nightmares would I have found that writing that funeral scene would be the chance for me to get out of my system all the pain and loss and futility and anger at Kim no longer being here with all of us.

So in the most horrible of ways, Kim helped me finish this story... and I will always think of her when I think of this story.

We love and miss you Kim.

Ms. J.
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The Avengers - SPOILERS!

So I took off work Friday to see The Avengers as I have been waiting anxiously for a year for this film and my impressions are under the spoiler cut (DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS; ALSO SPOILERS FOR OTHER SHOWS!!!):
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So yeah, I need to see it again and it is already in my to buy wish list on Amazon.

Ms. J.
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How technology will forever change writing

I just got my early birthday present from my hubby, furrylogic... a new Kindle Fire. And in doing so I have found out that not only am I in love with the thing but that the world of writing and books will never be the same. Let me elaborate

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So, here's to the revolution - and I hope to have my own spot in the army of writers.

Ms. J.
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A Lent Miracle - A Fanfic Update!

So I had some downtime for the first time in a while where I was not stressed out and was writing motivated. I watched part of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie and then sat down with my laptop to actually write with some inspiration. After a few hours I have an update!

Answering the Call - Chapter 17

I can't believe it has been 5 months since I updated it, but I recall that I was:

a) sidetracked with other fandoms (Covert Affairs, Haven)
b) reading a lot more fic
c) starting to get overwhelmed at work (layoffs of people around me, lots of projects for me)
d) the holidays and everything that comes with them

Today I think was the perfect storm - I had time, I was wanting to write, I had no other things pulling me (new fic to read, family, work, etc) so I sat and wrote. I can't say how nice it actually was.

Now if I can just stay in this mindset I'd like to get to some of my languishing writing, including finishing AtC, Helping Hand and maybe, just maybe, thanks to windjammers I might get back to finish Die Another Day...

Still, at least 1 update of something is encouraging since it has been over 2 months since I posted anything!

Ms. J.

I hate television shows...

for it always seems that they disappoint me and I end up having to write something to feel better. This time it was Season 2's finale for Covert Affairs... As expected I found my ship and was hoping for something... hopeful, only to get my shipper heart crushed. So I did what I do best - write an AU that picks up where I think the show screwed up and fixed it. So here it is:

Always There When You Need Him

I will admit that I do not know what I will do with this - call it complete or add additional chapters. Which right now is not on my agenda. I actually had been working on a new chapter of Helping Hand (i.e. Haven Smut Story) and thought I would use the holidays to catch up with Answering the Call... but no, evil TV writers have to throw a monkey wrench into my plans.

Also, while I am on the subject here, I have learned that I like hurt/comfort stories a little more than I think I should. From Covert Affairs to Hawaii 5-0 (Steve!whump) and back to even Power Rangers (Pawns and All I want for Christmas being prime examples of this) I like my hero/heroine to get hurt and then come back from it happy and awesome... What that says about me personally I have yet to determine.

Anyway, if you watch Covert Affairs and want to check this out and give your thoughts I'd love the feedback.

Ms. J.
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Brothers in Arms finished - alleluia!

So the little fic I started following the Haven season 2 finale that was simply in my head a one shot that I had no idea how it would be received is now complete, 14 chapters and several months from its start date.

With this done I can focus on finishing Answering the Call and adding chapters to Helping Hand.

Of course, now that it is near Christmas and the new year I will want to get as much done as I can... wish me luck.

Ms. J.
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More Brothers in Arms

So last chapter was all non Audrey/Nathan and there was very little in the way of reviews, so that tells me that the readers are on board for the N/A I think. So they got it this chapter - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7428587/11/

I think I am getting to the end. I have the end somewhat already written out and figure there are about 8 more scenes I need... (I could be off about this) so that might be about 3 chapters... but I have been known to estimate wrong before.

Anyway, hopefully once I finish BiA I can then focus on completing AtC and if I am so inspired add a chapter or 2 to the porniness that is Helping Hand.

Ms. J.