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FIC: Down the Barrel by JTrevizo

This is my entry for the "To Protect and Serve" Power Rangers fic-a-thon at protect_a_thon


From: JTrevizo

Beta: ScarletDeva

Rating: M for language

Spoiler: PR through Turbo.

Disclaimer: Power Rangers belonged to Saban, then to Disney, and now are owned by Saban again. I’m so confused…

Relationship: Previous T/Kat, implied current T/Kim

Summary:  A day in the life of Tommy Oliver – post Power Rangers

Hi all. This short one-shot was written for the “Protect and Serve” fic-a-thon celebrating the service of the men and women who wear a different kind of uniform and are heroes every day. I hope you enjoy, and now, to the story. . .
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Power Rangers Fanfic

Legacy of Valor - chapter 5 and Protect-a-thon

The newest chapter of Legacy of Valor is now up, and can be read at:
AO3 - http://archiveofourown.org/works/494139/chapters/902880
FF.net - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8376592/5/
Trevizo.org - http://trevizo.org/fanfic/Valor-Ch5.htm

Also, another reminder about To Protect and Serve - Sign-ups are now being accepted at protect_a_thon!

Thanks for reading,
Ms. J.

Power Rangers Fanfic

Legacy of Valor - chapter 4 and other fandom stuff

Chapter 4 is now posted. You can read it here:
AO3 - http://archiveofourown.org/works/494139/chapters/878494
FF.net - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8376592/4/
Trevizo.org - http://trevizo.org/fanfic/Valor-Ch4.htm

Also if you haven't seen any of the links, ads or the like, Shawn30, ScarletDiva and p_g_w_4ever and myself are hosting a Power Rangers fic a thon:

Please feel free to let people know about the thon, which has a LJ community (protect_a_thon) or see the website. We'd love to have tons of fic as part of the thon. Feel free to use the graphic for advertising (the jpg is being hosted on my site so let me know if you want to link to it).

I want to just say that the thon, my new fic and my PowerMorphicon trip this year have been very beneficial to my fandom well being following the horrific events back in July/August that at one point made me consider leaving the fandom altogether even as I desperately wanted to stop what became very terrorizing behavior not just towards myself but others in the fandom, people I considered friends or fellow fans. So I am glad to thank everyone for their support, friendship and/or just being awesome people, from p_g_w_4ever to shigeki_jkp and second_batgirl to germankitty... I appreciate you guys more than I can say.

Ms. J.
Power Rangers Fanfic

New Always a Ranger mini-series... Legacy of Valor

So I was watching some episodes of SPD for a recent one-shot in the Always a Ranger AU and decided to see the end of the series. In the last episode we see the Nova Ranger unmorphed and I had an inspriring thought, so a new story was born.

Legacy of Valor: an Always a Ranger mini series... Chapter 1 - Out of Retirement

I think it's a cool idea... of course it won't really throw the twist till next chapter. ;-)

Power Rangers Fanfic

A PR:SPD "Wormhole" story - "Down the Rabbit Hole"

My newest 1 shot - Down the Rabbit Hole

This was a pain in the but to do... the plot holes in this thing are huge - Trent is in this episode as is "Tommy", and the SPD team have to interact with people they have met and others they haven't. At the end of the episode the SPD team wipe the memories of the DT team, except Tommy is nowhere to be found.

In putting the story in my Always a Ranger universe I had to figure out where in the DT series it fell, and because of Zeltrax being alive it had to be mid DT season, and for AaR it was after "The I in Team"... which meant a few sad things; No pink ranger and early team with Trent. So it ended up being a lot more segments of the episode with re-do's of the beginning DT intros and the end cap with Tommy/Kim.

Still, it was great to go back to the AaR universe and I already have 2 new stories in that world started. Beyond that I have a few other things I want to work on but have to find the time...

Ms. J.