jtrevizo_1013 (jtrevizo_1013) wrote,

Fanfic Miracle - Legacy of Valor update

Yeah, so happy fourth!

I think there's probably just 1 chapter left, or if not a chapter and an epilogue. But I am just a little closer to finishing and when I do I am seriously considering retiring from fanfic. I've tried to leave before to work on other projects but except for one off things I think I am done with series or multi-chapter stories....

After nearly 20 years in the fanfic business perhaps it is time to bow out gracefully. I was talking to another writer that fanfic really is a younger person's game - they have more time, less commitments... so after everything I've accomplished in fandom maybe I've done enough...

Ms. J
Tags: fanfic, legacy of valor, power rangers fanfic, retirement, update

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