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Disney Buys Star Wars and Indiana Jones!

In case you have been under a rock (or in a superstorm - hope you are all well flist friends!) Disney announced they have bought LucasFilms and everything associated with them today for $4 BILLION DOLLARS.


Much internet discussion is going on, from the "They ruined Power Rangers, they'll destroy Star Wars" to "New movies! Will they reboot?" to "Disney is doing right by Marvel so this is good news!"

I have been all over on this and really am at the point of 'no more' - however I will say again that the plan for episode 7 that Disney stated in the press release with a 2015 release date needs to have Hamill, Fisher and Ford in it reprising their roles with a younger cast of their kids if they want to bridge the fan/geek gap. They recast Luke, Leia and Han and they will have a fan revolt (IMHO).


Ms. J.
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