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The obligatory end of year post

Welcome to 2012... the year we either all perish or we look pretty dumb for believing in Mayan calendars made of stone.

2011 was not a very prolific year for me - my writing was sporadic to say the least and many of the larger stories that were started when the year began are still unfinished. Last year more than anything was about branching into new fandoms, both to read and write.

Here's the totals:

FandomStories# of words
Power Rangers138,804
Covert Affairs15,258
Harry Potter12088

Of everything above, only the PR story (Answering the Call) was something that had been started before 2011, and as of now is still unfinished (I hope to change that early this year since I think there are probably only 2 chapters left). The 4 Haven stories were the bulk of the new fanfic writing, with one of them still 'ongoing'. Everything else though was really one shot stories that I felt the need to write. For 2012 I really have no idea what will be next.

However my reading has been all over the place: my identified fandoms above, plus some other, stranger ones that both came out of nowhere and also made a lot of sense. Movies, books, TV, comics... I found I most definitely have shipping 'types' I go for as well as a fondness for the 'hero/heroine is injured resulting in romance (of for non ship stories, hero/heroine is injured and friends come to aid)' kinds of stories... I have used the plot device myself more than one so I at least write what I like to read.

I can only hope that 2012 will offer me some more opportunities to add more stories to my current fandoms and maybe I will branch out into some new locations.

Happy 2012...

Ms. J.
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