August 8th, 2013

Fanfic ships

Fanfiction Retirement Process - Underway

So I am going to find out very quickly who actually reads my LJ anymore...

I am currently posting any and all fic that was complete, near complete or needing to be added to to complete series today and will post my last chapter for Legacy of Valor tomorrow, marking what will be my retirement from fanfic. After 17 years I need to close shop and unlike the last couple of times, this time I'm really okay with it and ready to move on. I updated.posted the following:

Die Another Day
Helping Hand
Impact of Power: Tommy (Red Turbo, Forever Red and Dino Thunder)

My retirement will be official tomorrow but if anyone sees this before then... well you're ahead of everyone else.

Thanks everyone for everything in the fanfic world - I'll still read but no more new fic.

Ms. J.